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“@BigDataRepublic: Expert: Every company needs a ‘#bigdata’ strategy to avoid falling behind rivals”

“@socialmedia2day: The value of #BigData is becoming apparent, quickly removing doubt & speculation:”

“@socialmedia2day: Don’t be afraid of #customers #tweeting; they might actually help you identify (and solve) problems faster.”

Ways Cities Are Using Big Data

RT @SmartDataCo: How Are Companies Organising Their Big #Data Initiatives? [#INFOGRAPHIC] via @BigDataStartups

What If Big Data Is Too Big? A Radical Solution May Be In DNA via @forbes

“@mashable: What Big Data Knows About Us via @tnr”

RT @BernardMarr: The Top 5 Big Data Use Cases Your CEO Will Love

“@socialmedia2day: Companies use #bigdata analytics to understand and better engage with customers. Wanna know how?”

Big Data For Cities: 4 Challenges

“@socialmedia2day: The Global War on #GMOs: Continued Rise of the #Social Machine via @globalspeak

How Database-as-a-Service is Changing the Enterprise by @mlmilleratmit of @Cloudant

Welcome to the Machine…and its Big Data


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Menyediakan info-info untuk anda dalam berbagai kategori. Yang insya allah bermanfaat untuk kita semua ;)

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