Journalism 2.0 (Citizen Journalism) Problems That We Should Pay Attention To


The traditilonal news media position as the primary provider of information is being challenged because the ease of publishing content on journalism 2.0 ( Citizen journalism) era.

But, there is a problem. Some citizen journalist produce content without traditional journalistic values in mind (Glaser, 2006 ; Merrill 1974).

In other hand, a study by J-Lab (The Institute for Interactive Journalism,2007) found the majority (79%) of citizen journalist surveyed felt they were producing “journalism”.

Ilustration of citizen journalism. Source:

Before we continue, let’s find out some factors that will influence quality of a news.

Number of source

To ensure diversity and accuracy, a journalist must obtain information from number of source to ensure representativeness. (According to Rosentstiel et al., 1999,2000a,2000b;PEJ,2001).

The greater number of source used by journalist, the more likely the story will reflect the issue accurately.

Multiple view points

For journalist, it is important to check with more than one source to ensure the completeness of a story.

Due to continual deadlines, journalist have learned to skim the surface of issues by relying heavily on media planned events and official sources (Cunningham,2003).

A Journalist should include varying few points from multiple source because the incorporation of one or only a few perspective will limits how person will understand an issue. (Rosenstiel et al., 1999,2000a,2000b;PEJ,2001).

Anonymous source

The use of anonymous or unnamed sources undermined the credibility of information presented to the public and fuels a loss of confidence in journalism according to Nieman reports (2005).

Base on that theoritical explaination, I would like to explain my points of view and ideas.

1.Journalist/Community Gate Keeper Need to Define The Standards of Publishing to The Citizen.

As we learned from paragraph two of this article, the citizen are lacks of journalistic value in mind.

A standard procedure that include journalistic values of course will be a meaningful favor.

2. Create the specific environtment/moments when gather spesific information

“Anyone knows, how is the traffic on….. right now?” Please report with using this form (landing page) #hastag

It will help a journalist to get number of source and give them different view points from different person.

3. Create a reputation system. Give the citizen gain a trust from the community as a reward.

Some of community member are regularly submit and do citizen journalism report to the community.

But, not all of the member goes online on the same time. How often someone share the information? how far is the accuracy? How useful is it?

Somebody on the community may know @nando_nurhadi, but they don’t know who I am, how far my contribution to the community. How far they could trust me and trust the information that I shared?

@nando_nurhadi are “anonymous source” without reputation system on the community.

We need many citizen journalism who are trusted on many spesific topic. In other words: We need to add another “Pak Bondan” on culinary, or “Ono W Purbo “on IT, and more R.Djangkaru on Travelling.

And this is the end of my sharing on this session. Hope it is useful for you all. Regards, @nando_nurhadi.


Author: nandonurhadi

Menyediakan info-info untuk anda dalam berbagai kategori. Yang insya allah bermanfaat untuk kita semua ;)

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